Mr Zarko

Electric Gypsy Disco Noise - The Remixes

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Pyromusic Album / PYR29 / 01.12.2014

01 Do Not Gamble With Love (Dj Ipek Zarkoton Remix)

02 Fixing Gypsy Radios (Dj Click Remix)

03 Fingerbang My Heart (Don Krutscho Remix)

04 Golden Legs (Gene Pritsker Remix)

05 The Land Of Forgotten Dreams (Heym Remix)

06 Ruza (Scratch Dee Remix)

07 Gypsy Street (Dj Ipek Club Remix)

08 The Land Of Forgotten Dreams (Louie Prima & Harry Chestwig Remix)

09 Zaspala Je Moja Mila Draga (Balkantronika & Beatelefant Remix)

10 Ruza (Kosta Kostov Remix)

11 Fingerbang My Heart (Lazarus Soundsystem Remix)

©&℗ Pyromusic

LC: 15907

"Electric Gypsy Disco Noise - The Remixes" is the result of the creative cooperation between Mr Zarko and 10 internationally acclaimed producers and DJs from all over the world. These 11 different tracks are a paramount example for felicitous reinterpretations of Balkan Music and Gypsy Grooves: Reggaeton meets Oriental Surf Rock, Minimal Techno makes love with Tango, Balkan has a date with Electro Swing and Dubstep embraces Polka!