Revolve and Step Up!

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The Puppetmastaz are a Rapgroup consisting of puppets. They call themselves a „Toyband“, the first in the world actually. Imagine a mixture of the Muppet Show and the Wu-Tang Clan.

After some appearances on TV Stations, they got a record Deal with Labels/EMI in 2002 and released their first Album, „Creature Funk“ in 2003. The Single „Pet Sound“ reached underground fame and their 2005 Single Release „Bigger the Better“ had even better Airplay. The second Album “Creature Shock Radio”, released in 2005 on Louisville Records led the Puppetmastaz to the next Level of their carreer and became a great success.

With that, they tried to build a new world order for all puppets and animals with their third album "The Takeover“ in 2008.

Eventually the humans treated this Fraggolution just as another publicity stunt. The figures of the PM-crew were devastated, that the Puppetrevolution was a failure and the Humans are still in the main power positions, nothing has changed. Heavy arguing inside the crew followed. But who was to blame? Maloke, Rhyno and Snuggles got into a fist fight. It was time for the fourth ”Break Up” Album in 2009.

After that the whole crew of the Puppetmastaz went into a big depression. They decide to get some help from Ziggy Scandalous, her psychoanalyst. Ziggy decided the best way to clear their spirit is in outta space. With the financial power of the Sneakerboots they built a spacecraft. The „Zenturi 01“! They searched the cosmos for new signs, which way to go, what values to transmit? After three month of Puppetmeditation in “Zenturi 01”, they realized that the big is inside the small and the small is inside the big, the weak inside the strong and vice versa. After clarifying their minds, all the members of PM-crew was getting into their own business.

Snuggles went to far east to learn the ancient folk music and how to stack carrots spiritually. Rhyno was tired of being on stage and went into beat production and ballet. Tango went into the art of cooking spicy mango tea.

JB started working as a doorfigure for some Berlin clubs. Frogga made plans to build a hotel on Mars. Panic the pig founds a hardcore motorcycle gang and specialized in tatooing chicken.

Maloke tried to launch his own energy drink. But got busted and was in jail for a few months in order of accidently poisoning a couple of party guests with his new drink. But what is existence without a plan? In prison he had time to think and got the brilliant idea to write a musical with “Humanoids and Puppets”, to infiltrate the humans with his animal driven wisdom again. Experiments with elaborate tricks of hypnotization on Theater stages were a success. He realized he needed the puppet crew back together. They made plans for another world tour and a new album. Still music seemed to be the key, the only problem: Frogga, the spiritual backbone of the crew got lost in space, during constructing his hotel on Mars.

So the PM-crew got back to their „Zenturi 01“ and took off into orbit. For months the Puppetmastaz flew around from realm to realm until the edge of universe. In spite of all the search: “No signs of Frogga outta Space.” During this travel they passed countless adventures and met odd species until finally they found Frogga floating lost through space. Finally the PM crew were back together and clear. Back on earth they created a new blasting specatcle with their odd friends from outta space.

Puppetmastaz - Revolve and Step Up!

Pyromusic Album / PYR18 / 17.05.2013

01 Inner Circle (Intro)

02 Full Bashment

03 Skit

04 Fresh Day

05 Skit

06 Entertainers

07 Turn it into Gold

08 Dschinni of Glass

09 Skit

10 Drip Drip Drown

11 Mastaz of Ceremony

12 Swingboot

13 Skit (Prosetti’s Laboratory)

14 Crystal Castle

15 Skit

16 Innerself Respect

17 Plus Ultra Revolution

18 Skit

19 Mr. Doubt

20 From Roof to Roof

21 Skit

22 Ultra Poncho

23 Memories

24 Skit

25 Encore (Crystal Speech)

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LC: 15907