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S.O.U.L. is the debut EP by Alex Novo, also known as DJ D-Flow. The 5 tracks showing his penchant for deep piano sounds and vocal samples, underlined by heavy 808 drums. Too Late, a heartfelt R&B song in addition, features two members of the Dub Pistols. As Seanie T states: "I’m looking forward to this song coming out. Jack Cowens has a amazing voice and it’s the first time I’ve worked with him outside of the mighty Dub Pistols. Alex Novo is a bredren I have worked with in Germany since the early 2000’s on a sound system Vibes called 2 Delicious. We had a residency at a club in Nurnberg, plus we rocked one of the biggest festivals in Germany called Rock im Park, 250.000 attend.. Maddd ting!"

Alex Novo - S.O.U.L

Novo Music EP / NM002/ 15.02.2019

01 The Sun

02 We Don‘t Care

03 Too Late feat. Seanie T & Jack Cowens

04 No Time to Lose

05 The Moon (Instrumental)

06 Too Late (Instrumental)

All tracks produced, recorded, arranged & composed by Alex Novo. Co-Production, Mix & Mastering by Scratch Dee at Pyromusic. Too Late vocals recorded at Vegas Haus Records, Nürnberg and The Pod, London. Seanie T  published by Westbury Music. Photos by Gabi & Tino Spiegler. Cover Layout by A. Döbereiner.

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