Pyro Merz

Zero G

feat. J (Puppetmastaz)

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A SciFi Space Punk Saga…

Berlin-based music producer Pyro Merz merges Rap, Funk and Spaghetti Western Vibes to an energetic new concept album. Zero G is pure groove and energy. The song hits the right note, recorded in 432 Hz, when it comes to powerful sounds and cool attitude.

Pyro Merz - Zero G

Pyromusic Single / PYR77 / 06.08.2021

01 Zero G feat. J

02 Zero G feat. J (Clean Version)

Produziert von Marco Merz

Text: Marco Merz, Jakob Wagner

Musik: Marco Merz

Vocals: Marco Merz, Jakob Wagner

Drums: Uwe Breunig

Recording, Mixing: Marco Merz / Phlexton Studios

Mastering: Tom Müller / Flatline Mastering

Cover: Byrdylicious

Video: tba

© Byrdylicious / Pyro Merz / Pyromusic

Pyromusic / Pyro Merz

LC: 15907