Sweet Sugar Rush

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AKA: Doggzilla, The Hound, Dog Savage, The Bark Knight

CATCHPHRASE: „Silence is the source of great strength. So shut up!“

POWERS: Incredible Strength, gets stronger the more he eats, can learn new tricks

FAVORITE CANDY: Kit Kat (despite the name)

QUOTE: „And if they bear arms, we arm bears! Wait till you see a grizzly with some hardware.“


AKA: Rapid Rabbit, The Danger Dash, Rolf Runner, Lord Thoroughwax

CATCHPHRASE: „On a boogaloo spot, do the moonwalk to the boombox, as Cartoongod.“

POWERS: Super Speed, Enhanced Golden Hearing, steering the wheels of steel

FAVORITE CANDY: Chocolate Bunny in Ginger Honey

QUOTE: „Call SP12 1-2 1-2 and Sherlock the bunny gets back to you!“

TENGO Troublemaker

AKA: Monkey Bird, Funky Feather, Machine-gun Tongue, Skate Mate

CATCHPHRASE: „Come again take a lick-a-lick!“ POWERS: Slush Shots, Soft Ice Control, Master of Esharp minor, Ice Skateboard


QUOTE: „We got da spices, we got da license!“

WIZARD The Lizard

AKA: The Green Dream, Magic Tongue, Lord of the Flies, Leisure Lash

CATCHPHRASE: „Eat what bugs you“

POWERS: Crazy Flexibility, Venom Tonguewhip, Super Jump, Morphing Face FAVORITE

CANDY: Flies in candy coat

QUOTE: „Catch all them stupid hunters and shoot them straight to the moon!“


AKA: Malocko, Sewer Boss, Sniffer Skipper, King Snout

CATCHPHRASE: „Bust it!“ POWERS: Flying, Nightvision, Jedi-Mind-Tricks, Bulletproof, Breathe in sirup


QUOTE: „Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, waste this planet and I‘ll bust your flow!“

Puppetmastaz - Sweet Sugar Rush

Pyromusic Album / PYR53 / 26.04.2019

01 Milk & Honey

02 Force of Nature

03 Puppetocracy

04 Waffle Dough Meltdown

05 Welcome 2 the Plate

06 Sugar Monkey

07 Soupa Construction (Yum Yum RMX)

08 Vitamins

09 Salute Lunatic

10 Secret Recipes

11 Eat Cake

12 Tubabooba Skit

13 Alchemistic Oven

14 Pineapple Lava Flow

15 Purple Maple

16 Silver Skit

17 Magic Ravioli (Crispy Plum RMX)

Produced, arranged & mixed by Pyro Merz at Phlexton Studios. Co-produced by Zhi MC & Jackson.

Vocals recorded at Phlexton Studios.

Composed 1-4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15: Zhi MC

Composed 5, 7, 9, 12, 16: Pyro Merz

Composed 13, 17: DJ Scotch Egg

Lyrics 1-6, 8-17: Paul Affeld

Lyrics 1-6, 8-15, 17: Pyro Merz

Lyrics 1-6, 8-15, 17: Jackson

Lyrics 1, 4, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15: Zhi MC

Additional Vocals 3: Adrian Pilo Ilea

Additional Vocals 2, 15: Ben S.

Additional Vocals 3: TC

Cuts 9: Scratch Dee

Cuts 4, 7: DJ Kutmo

Cuts 7: Yakitori

Drums 13: Uwe Breunig

Guitar 3: Haiko Heinz

Mastering: Cem at Jammin Masters

Artwork & Design: Byrdylicious, byrdylicious.com

Photos: Jakob Grotewohl

©&℗ Pyromusic

LC: 15907